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Nonviolent Communication - Basic Course
learning and embodying a new language

After giving birth in May this year, I am starting up some courses and projects again/ On of them is starting in January: a Nonviolent Communication BASIC course. Here is some information about the course and how to join:


Course Content


NVC is not about being peaceful, calm, nice, and in harmony all the time. To me it is about raising our awareness of human intentions and acting from this place (incl. minimal harm, connection, understanding, compassion, and collaboration)


NVC gives a model for this, where the core focus is on human NEEDS. It also embraces emotions as part of every human experience. FEELINGS are there to serve life and inform us about what is important to us.


Nonviolent Communication adds to our set of CHOICES in communication. It’s no “have to”. (resistance, and doubt is all welcome)

In this basic course, we dive into the KEY SKILLS in NVC:


- recognize the needs behind our thoughts and expressions


- distinguish feelings from thoughts


- separate needs and strategies


- appreciation in NVC


- self-connection


- get clear about reality and the story we have about reality


- empathic listening


- the beauty of needs


- mourning

Days & Times


This is a 9-session course: 23 January – 27 March (no session on 20 February).


18:30 - 21:30 (CET)

9:30 - 12:30 (PST)

*for other time zones, please check


Fee (sliding scale)

There is no set amount for this 9-session course. I dream of a contribution between $135 - $350 per participant. I invite you to register using a gift economy approach so that everyone can have access and my work can also be sustainable. I ask that you give the most that you can do without overstretching or resentment. Below I am offering some guidance in choosing how much to give. It is intended as support for you to choose.

  • Sustainability for my work: $270 (helps to support me to continue offering courses)

  • Instalment Payments: Make 3 payments of $90 if registered by January 1 (next payments on February 1st and March 1st)


  • Increased Accessibility: $135 (if you have limited financial resources)

  • Supporting Others to Attend: $350 (some people will not be able to contribute at the sustainability level so I depend on some people having the capacity and willingness to contribute more)


  • I wouldn’t want money to prevent anyone from learning NVC. I see money as a strategy to care for the sustainability of our giving. If the above options are still a barrier for you to join, or if you would like to contribute to me in a different way, please reach out to me.


Course Platform


After every session, you can find the audio recording and a summary on an online platform. Here you can also connect with other course participants.





To book your place, please follow those two steps:

1. Read my terms and conditions

2. Fill in this form:

3. Transfer your payment of choice in one of the following ways:



Venmo: (waiting for my account to be approved, let me know if this is your preference)


If you wish to pay in a different way, please send me an email:



If you have any questions about the above, please send me an email.
Warmly, Tamara
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