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  • Tamara Catharina

Be with me

When I’m in pain

Just be with me

Don’t ask me why

Don’t ask me to explain

I am in pain

Just be with me

Just sit with me

Just listen to me

Hear me

See me

Let me be

Let me feel

Let it be about me

Don’t fix me

Don’t blame me

Don’t judge me

Allow me to be me

My pain and me

To be

Allow my pain to be

To do what it is for

Allow it to sit in me

To sit with me

To tell me what I need

Trust my pain

Trust my rage

Trust my tears

Trust my body

They know

Trust me

Be with me

I want to feel

And listen to me

To my body

To my pain

To what it’s telling me

I want to trust

And reconnect

To the life inside of me

To what my pain

Is showing me

I would love this to be a space for engagement, exploration and connection. Please practice nonviolence in your comments. If you have a request (for example, because you would like support or collaboration), you can send me an email:


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