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  • Tamara Catharina

Dance with Birth 〇 This is my journey

“This is my journey. I am starting my journey. I am starting to learn how to be with the contractions. How to move with them. With every contraction, I understand more. I am learning. With every contraction, I am learning.”

Remembering > Giving birth is something I can not practice. I can not know how it is. I can not know how I will respond to my body in labour. All I can do is trust that I will learn. I remember from Pepijn’s birth that I started to understand more with every contraction. How to breathe, how to move, how to pause in between. How to rest. How to listen carefully. How to surrender. How to relax my body in between the contractions. Until I understood exactly what to do. I knew. And I was the only one who knew, what was mine to do. The most personal intimate journey I have ever had with myself. My journey.

* Dance With Birth is the name of the film I made about the natural water birth of my son in 2019. Lin to the movie:

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