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  • Tamara Catharina

Missed 〇 Let nature do the work

“She explained to me the medical possibilities. And I told her that I want to wait until my body understands that the pregnancy has ended and let nature do the work. She listened to me and I feel heard and understood.“

My midwife advised me to speak to a gynaecologist to discuss the choices that I have. I knew for myself I didn’t want to speed up the natural process of my body releasing the pregnancy. Before the call, I had a fear that wouldn’t be understood. But the reality was that the gynaecologist I spoke to was open to listening to me and follow what the path that made sense to me the most. I felt relief and I felt supported. I will always follow my inner compass. And it is very sweet to be supported in that.

* Missed is the name of the film I made about my pregnancy loss in 2020. The film is available for free on YouTube:

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