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  • Tamara Catharina

Pregnancy Notes 〇 Dance (5wk 6d)

I was on the dance floor this morning. My sunday morning ecstatic dance practice in a room full of people. A place where I can self connect, with my body, with the constellation of people on the dance floor, with my inner voice, with my pace and the life that wmoves through me. Today I connected to my womb. And what I found there was making me smile from ear to ear and brought tears to my eyes. It was a moment of ecstasy and pure joy. The lively energy that I experienced connecting to this little being growing inside of me was blowing me away. Wow, if that is the energy of our child, I can not wait to meet each other. What a sweet moment. I will remember forever.

I would love this to be a space for engagement, exploration and connection. Please practice nonviolence in your comments. If you have a request (for example, because you would like support or collaboration), you can send me an email:


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