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  • Tamara Catharina

Pregnancy Notes 〇 Naps (8wk 1d)

Every day around two afternoon, my body tells me to lie down. The moment I put my head on the pillow there is no other way than to close my eyes. What I then experience is not just falling asleep. It’s as if I am being taken on a journey. The journey is about processing. The images and experiences that come up are showing me parts of my life. I have a sense that this journey helps me to digest those parts and that it is a necessary process in order to become a mother again. At some moments I can open my eyes, yet I know that sometimes the journey is not complete for today. When it’s possible I then close my eyes again and let myself be taken on the journey. Like plant medicine, I believe the hormones, my own organic medicine, is moving through my body in order to guide me through this transformational process. To ready me for the creation of a new human being. To ready me for becoming a mother again. And to guide me to and through new layers of life inside of myself.

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