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  • Tamara Catharina

Pregnancy Notes 〇 Support from another T (13wk 1d)

From my previous pregnancies, I know that each one is an opportunity to transform, heal and grow. Life as a parent moves by fast, so I decided to seek someone who could pause with me, to give attention to my inner experience. Instead of asking a doula, this time, I found a woman in my network, also called Tamara, who focuses on bonding with a baby before birth. Today, one day after another ultrasound, I had a long first session with her, where we walked through many parts of my early life. I could see links between my life nowadays, the challenges and how they directly connect to early life experience, possibly prenatal experiences. To give all of that attention in the presence of a woman who speaks the life language I understand is a true gift to me. Like most things I do, I decided quite impulsively to work with her. Today it made sense, it fell into place. I brought me closer to myself, closer to my pregnancy, closer to the child inside of me and to the mother I am becoming again.

I would love this to be a space for engagement, exploration and connection. Please practice nonviolence in your comments. If you have a request (for example, because you would like support or collaboration), you can send me an email:

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