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Nonviolent Communication, NVC, Tamara Catharina, Embodiment



I am fascinated and wildly excited by the fullness of the human experience. I believe life is a great gift that wants to move to us and through us. I am committed to share my gifts and experiences with the world to support life in the fullness of what it is. 

My dream is to live in a world that works for all. A world where every person can feel and embody the excitement of living an authentic, creative, and inspired life.


A world where mothers can give birth and children can be born in the flow of nature, and where children can grow up with the freedom of authenticity and play. Where individuals can connect to the creative and loving life energy that moves through all of us and relationships are a source of exploration, growth, and healing. Where we live in community, share resources, and take care of each other and the land we live on.

This is how I try to live my life in all that I do; as a partner, a parent, a friend, when I am coaching, teaching, supporting communities, and when I create and write. If you want to walk this path with me, I would love to be of support.

Tamara Catharina, Nonviolent Communication, NVC, Embodiment

My story

My story

As a young girl, I remember feeling alienated from the world that I lived in. I didn't feel at home with my family or at school. I was afraid to speak up and to be punished. I didn't feel seen, heard, and understood. My body was filled with anger, fear and sadness. And the expression of that was not welcome. I created the belief that I was different and what I did, said and felt was wrong, that I wasn't good enough.


While growing up I became increasingly afraid to show my true self to the world and at fifteen years old I was feeling depressed every day. My body was in a constant panic state and there was a deep sadness in me. What was happening inside of me started to show on the physical level. I had several long infections, anaemia, a pale face. The only thing I wanted was to escape.


In the midst of the darkness of my depression, I sensed that life could be different than what I knew now. In the ocean of unpleasant thoughts and feelings, there was trust and hope and courage. I found energy and power in myself to change schools and when I was seventeen years old I found a room in the city and left my parent's house.


The weight that those two decisions lifted was huge and encouraged me to move forward. The fact that I myself created that new life showed me that I had the power in me to liberate myself. To live the life that was trying to move to me and through me. I slowly discovered myself and connected to the playful, adventurous, sexual, courageous, intelligent and creative me.

I travelled, explored, had many different relationships and friendships and at twenty-four I met someone whom I thought I should spend the rest of my life with. We both had a steady income, bought a house and spoke about having children. In my mind, I was now supposed to be happy, but I wasn't. I was disconnected from myself, hiding behind unhealthy habits, gained weight, I burned out and landed in a depression.

Just before turning thirty years old, while I was at the point that I felt lost in what to do, I received an offer for a job overseas. This one moment triggered the life energy in me again and just like I understood I had to leave my parents, I understood instantly I had to step into the air plane. Despite people around me that didn't understand my choice, I had to answer this call of life.

When I came back I was feeling more connected to myself again. My relationship ended, the house was sold, I started to make different decisions in my career and to search for my life purpose. I wanted to make my life meaningful and contribute to other peoples lives. I started travelling and studying again, learned and integrated many spiritual practices, only took jobs when I was out of money ór when they were meaningful to me, received and deepened friendships, took really good care of myself and reclaimed my sexuality. 

Around thirty-four years old I found myself in a place where I felt I took a one-way ticket. There was no way back; I had to follow my true purpose, the flow of life. After trying to ignore some signals and getting sick I made a radical commitment with myself; to live in full honesty to myself and others and take care of me first. Shortly after that, I met my life partner. We stepped into a relationship together with that same commitment and up until today it is the most inspiring, adventurous, expanding and wild journey I have ever experienced and we are deeply in love.

In 2019 I gave birth to our son. The most amazing and transformative journey of my life, where I felt the immense power of the primal force in me. I had the idea that the personal and spiritual work and integration I did in the years before were all meant for that moment. Becoming a mother has been a deep essential shift in my life and connected me to deeper layers in myself. Every day it brings me closer to my purpose; it is a source of inspiration and growth.

One year later I was pregnant again and with the eleven-week ultrasound we found out the fruit had stopped growing. I landed in a dark place and it took me a few weeks to work through those painful feelings. At fifteen weeks my womb started to let go of the amniotic sac. I lost too much blood and found myself in a life-threatening situation. It took me weeks to recover physically and emotionally and it brought me to a place where I understood that I want to be humble to life. I don't know if everything in life has a meaning but I know I can choose how I want to be with it and use my experience in a meaningful way.

Right now I am in the middle of a transition to move my home base to the other side of the ocean. I am convinced this radical change of land and community is going to bring me new insights, again. And this is exactly how I want to move through life. Honest, humble, curious and courageous.

I continuously study and practise systemic constellations, embodiment practices like ecstatic dance, yoga and tantra, transactional analyses, quantum physics and meditation. My work is grounded in non-violent communication, which is also a continuous personal life practice. I love to coach, teach, work with communities and organize groups of people coming together. I hope to do what I enjoy until I die, and I believe I'm not even halfway, so that will take a while ;)

Thank you for reading my story.



My purpose and that of my services is to support the restoration of life in its purest form. I want to inspire personal liberation, leadership, embodiment, natural pregnancy & birth, conscious intimacy and sexuality, and collaborative communities. I support individuals, couples, groups and communities that want to align with the natural flow of life. My work is grounded in empathy, based on nonviolent communication, and comes in the shape of coaching, mediation, online courses, workshops, retreats, community support, creating and writing. 

In my work, I bring my sensitivity and intuition, my grounded presence, my empathic capacity, my inspiration and creativity and my understanding of life and the world we live in. Themes I have immersed myself in through my own experiences are depression, love and relationships, sexuality, burn-out, miscarriage, giving birth, blended families, conscious parenting and living and working in community. I share what inspired and supported me on my own path of healing and liberation.



My curiosity for life inspires me to continuously bring my own liberation and healing forward and to integrate this into my work to be in service of the world. Topics that I am deeply passionate about are inner freedom, leadership (to serve the whole), embodiment, conscious intimacy, sexuality and relationships as a source of growth and inspiration, birth as a transformative moment for both mother and child, how to turn challenging moments into meaningful gifts to the world, parenting without obedience, and interdependence in community.


To liberate my self and support others as a trainer and coach I have studied many practices such as systemic work, transactional analyses, neuro-linguistic programming, pranic healing, emotional release, ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, breathwork, shamanism and meditation. I followed and integrated intensive programmes in mindfulness, yoga and tantra. My work is grounded and marinated with empathy through nonviolent communication.

I have travelled, studied and worked in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, North America, the Caribbean, Guatemala, New Zealand and a long list of European countries. Travelling inspires me and gives me a sense of connection to the world. I have worked with communities, mixed cultures, refugees, different sexual identities, children, elderly, men's groups, pregnant women, language barriers, and projects around isolation and loneliness. I feel comfortable with openness and vulnerability. Every time I can support people I feel deeply touched.

Nature, which I consider myself to be part of, is my greatest teacher. I maintain my connection to nature on a daily basis through hiking, biking and when I have the chance swimming in the ocean. I love to bring my camera, for me it is like meditating my surroundings, I feel peaceful and connected when I look through my lens. I feel at home with trees and my bare feet on the earth.

Nonviolent Communication

​My work is grounded in Nonviolent Communication (NVC); a model that was ​created by Marshall B. Rosenberg. Whether I guide individuals, couples or communities, non-violence is the base from which I operate and connect.

NVC has fundamentally changed my experience of life; how I connect with myself and the way I approach the people in my life, both personal and professional. It is a tool that enhances the quality of my communication with myself and others and deepens my connection with the world around me.


NVC brought me self acceptance, taught me how I can allow all my feeling to be there, to trust in life, create inner clarity, acknowledge my pain, welcome my thoughts and have compassion for myself. It connected me to the magical world of needs underneath each feeling and thought.

NVC helps me to speak from my heart and express myself authentically. To take care of my needs and the needs of others at the same time. To listen empathically and hear what people are trying to tell me. It is a process that follows the pace of life, allows silence to do the work and holds space for all that is alive in each of us. Integrating NVC is a continuous process for me; a lifelong learning.

I am continuously studying NVC with different teachers from all over the world. Right now I am walking the path of becoming a certified trainer. NVC teachers that I am deeply grateful for are (among others) Yoram Mosenzon and Miki Kashtan. I love the different flavours that NVC teachers bring, that meet different needs that live in me. I love exploring the application of the principles and tools of Nonviolent Communication in different areas of life. I feel deeply grateful for the subtleties of this simple and profound practice that I discover every day.

I have a wide network of people all over the world who just like me intend to work from the intention of non-violence. They form support groups around empathy, mourning, celebrations, purpose and core nonviolence commitments, which I regularly join. They meet a big part of my need for self-care. I have a dream for every person on this planet to have a circle of people for support.

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