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(what people think about me...)

"I love your presence. I feel when you are with me you are with me, truly seeing and hearing me. And you have a willingness to learn: I feel your energy as a lifelong student, always curious to discover more, not only for yourself but for others." - Mandy (colleague)

“It feels like I finally found what I always needed, without knowing it.” - anonymous (participant workshop)

"I loved this workshop and how lightly you took the responsibility to guide us. Your presence during the workshop was very mindful and open to discussion. That leading by example was the ultimate proof that NVC can work." - Alex (participant workshop)

“You feel safe. You are a loving person without judgements. You see people behind their actions. You have the quality to see the bigger picture, to have an overview. You really try to understand the other. I also think you are playful. There is always something sparkling in your eyes. The child in you that you allow to be there, which I personally love to engage with. You see life as a big playground. With beautiful attractions, possibilities and fun.” - Esther (friend)

"Your openness and transparency about your own learning and wanting to learn from our feedback helped me to open up myself about my fear to make mistakes. I felt welcome and seen.” - anonymous (participant workshop)

“The way you share and use what happens in the group in the moment is demonstrating NVC in action. That’s very special.”

- Bart (participant workshop)

“Me doing yoga is as Ronaldo practising ballet. However, I got into yin yoga while searching for a mindfulness practice that would help my body and mind to relax and improve. I have tried a couple of yoga classes. Almost gave up, but gave it 1 more try and found Tamara. And when I walked in for the first time, it all fell into place. You can feel her calmness immediately and the atmosphere is always really welcoming. Besides I am becoming more flexible, and also more at ease with myself.” - Anne (participant yoga class)

“I loved seeing you dealing with questions, remarks and criticism. It showed me how we can navigate this without judgements.”

- anonymous (participant workshop)

"I love your caring and emphatic nature and ability to feel, tune and care for others and holding space for them in a very clean way that encourages self-work within others and that doesn't take in charge where they can do the work for themselves.  -  You inspire trust in people. I have seen this trust that people were connecting to instantly when they would see you. They felt like they could let their guard off, not in a codependent way but in a way that is healthy and beautiful to witness. I also have felt that I could trust you and that is very rare for me, I felt a big sanity. This is a huge gift, this trust you inspire.  -  I feel your work with discernment is very high. It makes me feel as if you carry a sacred knowledge from your previous/future or alternate life experiences, the intelligence of an anchored witch alchemist who has accepted her mission on earth with everything that that means.  -  You have the ability to look for the magic of this world and to add beauty to it thanks to everything you are sharing.  -  You are a high quality soul, hard working one, who is understanding fast and evolving exponentially." - Ariane (colleague and friend)

“I felt comfortable and connected. I loved how you had many different ways of explaining. It really gave me insights into myself.”

- Mirjam (participant workshop)

“You are fantastic at setting up and managing things. You see how it should be handled and you have the ability to communicate this to the people in a very clear way, where people see the same things that you think are important and you are very clear about that. And inspiring” - Leonie (colleague and friend)

“Tamara has the capacity to empathise with people. She easily connects the dots and understands the purpose of the project. I think this is because she has experience in many different fields and she brings in the right people from her network. She is very creative and she has her own approach to things.” - Pim (brother)

“I noticed you taking everyone seriously and you listen without judgements. I took that as an example.” - anonymous (participant workshop)

"The session came as a godsend and was timed perfectly because I got really stuck. The session allowed me to distance myself from the dilemma and leave it for what it is. For me, the emphasis now is mainly on what my own needs are. I went home completely relaxed, I had a serene peace about me and a feeling of confidence that everything would be fine. The session is still working and I notice a change in my stuck thoughts. There are new insights and there is more clarity." - Susan (client)

“I felt very comfortable with your energy, the way you make use of your own experiences and by the way you actively ask people to share.” - Riejet (participant workshop)

“The way that Tamara teaches makes me feel my body again and gives me loads of renewed energy! She gives a personal touch to it which makes every session feel like a little gift from heaven.” - Sylvia (participant yoga class)

“The next day I still felt more in touch with my body.” - B. (client)

"Tamara is very careful and understanding in her communication. Ze has no judgements, listens and checks in with everybody. Very pleasant. I loved about her training that it was not only theory, but that it just happened. She is very good in this communication. Tamara is authentic, gives me trust, she’s soft, understanding, empathic and professional." - E.T. (participant workshop)

“You are soft and open, which helped me to trust and gave me insights about myself.” - anonymous (participant workshop)

“The session with Tamara was powerful, I feel lighter in my chest and solar plexus, I had deep sleep with vivid dreams, I feel balanced and happy” - A.J. (client)

“It felt as if there were parts in my body that were asleep and now awakened in all kindness by letting life flow through them."

- Anne M. (client)

“Your active listening helped me to rearrange my priorities in relation with sexuality.” - C. (client)

“I love your intuitive way of working. It’s as if I feel that you feel what I feel.” - D. (client)

"I love your open character and how you can put people at ease with this. You show yourself so you also make yourself vulnerable, I think this also affects how people respond to you. I so appreciate your humour. It’s a really important part in contact and I always have to laugh really hard about you." - Mirjam (friend)

“I love your ability to be able to listen to a person and I can feel you absorbing what I say and digest it and move it around and feel it fully in your own body before you respond. That’s so rare and I love it. You are in tune with yourself on emotions, physical body and your mental cognitive ability. It feels really whole that you have this about yourself. It’s something I really admire in you. You have a quality to be in presence and holding space: When I connect with you I feel that it is really tangible. Your awareness is right there with me and that’s a quality I admire a lot.” - Teresa (colleague)

“If you are looking for stimulation for your inner rhythm, and calm in your mind, Tamara’s class is something for you! She is a delightful and passionate person. She teaches you to free your mind and listen to your body. Awesome experience!” - Serjez (participant yoga class)

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