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Community support

"It takes a village" is often heard when we hear people speak about the purpose of community. Being a part of a community can meet our needs for belonging, being part of something. It can meet a need for support and safety. It can give us opportunities to connect with people, to realize our vision, and makes us feel safe and secure. For most people, it's important to have a sense of community.

In my community work in the past six years, I have seen the power of communities coming together. I have seen lonely people finding connection and purpose, women being empowered by sharing and collaboration, people learning a language in community projects and coming alive, mothers feeling supported by meeting each other, multicultural groups feeling inspired by the richness of mixed cultures. I've seen big groups of volunteers supporting refugees and refugees at the end of the journey volunteering to support others. I've seen people with (mental and physical) disabilities reclaiming power and discovering gifts by engaging with others. And by all of that, I believe that when we gather in the community we can heal, learn and live a connected life.

My work with communities is grounded in nonviolent communication and every day I want to remember my vision of a world that is needs-based and works for all of us. I bring my gift of creativity, transparency and enthusiasm and my experience with many different flavours of community. In my work, I bring practices that I have learned and shared along the years and I like to create new versions of those as I want to continuously connect to the needs at the moment.

Examples of communities that can reach out to me for support:

- Neighbours

- Families

- Teams (volunteers and professionals)

- School community

- Library

- And any other group of people that wants to create or restore connection

Examples of what my work can bring:

- Improved internal and external communication

- Restorative practices

- Clarity around vision and purpose

- Restoring relationships with colleagues

- Finding ways to work with feedback and complaints

- Making decisions together

- Managing stress

- Taking care of the balance between work and private life

- Navigating conflict and challenging conversations

- Creating a community

A more detailed list is available here.

For community work, I don't have a ready-made structure that I work with. If you are interested in working with me, we can set up a meeting and discuss your request to see if I can support you. When I believe I can support you, we can decide together on the next step. When I believe I am not able to support you, I'm happy to share with you my network of people that I think might be able to offer what you need. If you are interested, please send me an email.

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