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If we heal birth, we heal the earth

- Sarah Buckley

Pregnancy & Birth

Being pregnant can be a huge transformation. And I want to acknowledge that this is also possible when a pregnancy ends in a miscarriage. The process of being pregnant, having a miscarriage, giving birth, becoming a mother for a woman can be the biggest shift in her life. When I myself became a mother I felt lonely at times; even though I received support from my partner and shared my inner process with him daily I realized there a part of this transformation that I could only go through alone. 

While in the years before I had integrated my healing and liberating work, gathered around me some real heart connected friends, and internalized many tools, when I was pregnant I knew I was writing a whole new instruction manual for myself. And after I gave birth I realized the next manual was about to be written. I quickly got pregnant again and had a miscarriage within one year after my son was born. Those experiences made me realize how life-changing pregnancy, birth and miscarriage can be in the life of women. And how much transformative potential both experiences hold when we are being fully present with it.

Based on my own experience, nonviolent communication and other practices that inspired me, I am now offering sessions that support women and couples in navigating those moments:


Every woman has a different experience of being pregnant and every pregnancy is different. You might not notice a difference at all until the day your child is born. You might be sick for nine months and hoping for the hormones to leave your body. You might live in fear around the pregnancy to end early or fear around giving birth. You might feel extremely happy and shine all day, or you might feel very uncomfortable with the changes in your body. No matter what your story is; it is your pregnancy and I would like to accompany you to be pregnant in your way.


Giving birth can be a powerful and even healing experience. It can be the most beautiful moment in your life. Yet for some women, it has a different flavour. What do you want the birth to look like? Who will be there? What do you need? What do you want your partner to know? What is important for you? And how would you like to be supported after birth? Giving birth is your moment and I would be happy to support you in connecting with your needs and visualizing how that moment and the period after birth will look like.

The first steps as a mother

Becoming a mother is like becoming a new version of yourself. It brings so many new flavours to life. It can be overwhelming, scary and beautiful. The first forty days after birth are known to be important for the mother to recover from birth. I would like to see mothers being supported for at least the first year. Becoming a mother can change many parts of our lives; our relationships, the way we spend our time, self-care, sexuality, rest, and even the way we see the world. I would like to support you in that first year to be with your feelings and to stay connected to your needs. 

Pregnancy loss

Losing a pregnancy can be one of the most intense and painful moments in your life. Something you are not prepared for and wondering how to be with it and how to move forward. I am guiding women (and couples) to find their way to live with the loss of a pregnancy. We bring attention to everything that is alive in you. I can guide you through mourning processes and support you to take care of yourself, your body and your relationship after miscarriage. 

Intimacy during and after pregnancy

During and after pregnancy (birth or miscarriage) it is often challenging to (re)connect to our sexual lives. The mother's body might be changed, she might feel shame, fear, pain. You might experience disconnection with your partner. You might feel lonely, overwhelmed, lost in how to be together again. I would like for all of that to be welcomed. I would like to create a safe space for that to be expressed. I offer to guide both mothers, fathers and couples to move towards connection after pregnancy. If you would like to know more about those topics, check the pages about sexuality and intimate relationships. 

Individual support

My individual sessions are grounded in empathy, based on nonviolent communication. I offer my sensitivity and presence. I meet you where you are and stay with that in empathy. I am with you in all that is alive and wants attention. I honour the pace that resonates with you and your body and together we map your inner world. Moving through your thoughts and feelings and connecting to the needs behind them.

From there, when we have arrived in the beautiful world of your needs, we can explore different strategies to meet those needs. When we meet I like to invite you to explore communication with yourself and others and embodiment practices that can support you on your journey. I can offer you different processes that spring from the practices that inspired me and are all marinated in empathy (Nonviolent Communication). The practices are to connect to what is alive in you. Together we slowly discover what's important for you, how you want to navigate this chapter of your life and what is your next step. 

Examples of what a session can bring:

- Staying connected to yourself

- Embracing the new you

- Learning the difference between doing and being

- Transforming pain

- Recreating your intimate relationship

- Learning to get to know your needs 

- Holding fear and shame

- Reinventing family life

- Learning how to navigate overwhelm

- Connecting to your creativity

- Including the body

These sessions can also be held for couples or for partners that need support. If you have a specific topic that you would like to address or a part of you that you want to give attention and you are unsure if I can support you with that, I encourage you to contact me so we can explore this together. When we find out you need a different kind of support than what I have to offer, I am happy to connect you with someone in my network.

Dance with Birth (documentary)

We are finishing a documentary about the natural water birth of my son. It tells the story of my inner experience of this incredibly powerful moment. If you want to be updated about the release of this movie, please subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of this page.

Missed (documentary)

I am working on a documentary about my miscarriage. I journaled by writing, filming and recording my experience and internal dialogue. With this documentary, I want to show life as it moved through me in this chapter of my life. If you want to be updated about the release of this documentary, please subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of this page.

Trainings & Workshops

At the moment there are no in-person events happening. I am working on new programs to start when we are able to meet each other in person again. Also, I regularly organize empathy circles around different life topics. If you would like to be updated about this, please subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of this page.

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