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Don’t mix up that which is habitual

with that which is natural.
- Marshall Rosenberg

Healing & liberation

I dream of a world where every person can feel and embody the excitement of living an authentic, creative, and inspired life. Awake, aware and in choice and natural flow. Connected to the life energy that moves through all of us. And held in empathy whilst healing, exploring and moving towards liberation. 


I believe there is something inside of us that will not rest until it is healed and liberated. As a child, I was taught that I had to adjust to what my surroundings reflected and forgot what the real longing of my heart is. And I know I am not alone in that. I do not know if I can liberate myself fully in one lifetime, but moving towards liberation while honouring the pace of my being for me is a life long journey. 

Healing and liberation for me doesn't mean to become someone else or becoming a better, nicer, smarter person. It is about remembering who I am in my purest form. To free myself from norms and ideas I have internalized from my childhood. From adjustments and subtle adaptations that don't serve me. To allow myself to be curious and explore my actions, thoughts and feelings. To slowly free myself from the control of traumatic events in my life.

Liberating myself connects me to the child in me, who is not afraid to speak her truth, to show her love abundantly, without shame, guilt or fear, to sing and dance, celebrate and laugh out loud, to rage and cry whenever there is overwhelm, to ask questions whenever she is unclear or unsure and celebrate her curiosity. If you would like to meet the child in you more often, I would love to accompany you.

Individual support

My individual sessions are grounded in empathy, based on nonviolent communication. I offer my sensitivity and presence. I listen to you and I am with you in all that is alive and wants attention. I honour the pace that resonates with you. Together we gently map your inner world. Moving through your thoughts and feelings and connecting to the needs behind them. 

From there, when we arrive in the beautiful world of your needs, we can explore different strategies to move towards healing and liberation. I can offer you different processes that spring from the practices that inspired me and are all marinated in empathy and embodiment

Examples of what a session can bring:

- Experiencing being welcome and being fully heard

​- Creating awareness of habits and patterns that are not serving you

- Mourning while being held in empathic presence

- Engage with guilt, shame, anger, grief and anxiety

- Connect to and mediation between different parts of you

- Reclaiming choice and clarity on making decisions

- Connecting with the life energy and creativity inside of you

- Exploring your fears

- Including your body

If you have a specific topic that you would like to address or a part of you that you want to give attention and you are unsure if I can support you with that, I encourage you to contact me so we can explore this together. When we find out you need a different kind of support than what I have to offer, I am happy to connect you with someone in my network.

Online Courses

I am working on online courses that you can follow at your own pace. Right now there are no live events taking place. If you would like to be updated about this, please subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of this page.

Trainings & Workshops

At the moment there are no in-person events happening. I am working on new programs to start when we are able to meet each other in person again. If you would like to be updated about this, please subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of this page.

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