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Couples support

I'm offering sessions for couples on intimate relationships, sexuality, around pregnancy & birth, parenting and family dynamics. I also welcome couples that are separated or in the process of separation. When working with couples in conflict I start with individual sessions, to check in with the needs of both. In this way, I have a sense of what needs are on the table and together we can start the journey. Sometimes I might use mediation techniques that spring from nonviolent communication. Other times I will offer practices that can support the journey that you as a couple are walking together. There is always a possibility to step into individual sessions again when individual support is needed. This way we create a safe space for exploration. I like to work with creating a vision together and taking small steps towards that vision while staying connected to the needs of both people involved and the needs of the relationship, which I like to see as a third entity.

Examples of what a session can bring:

- Reconnecting with each other

- Deepening your connection

- Recreating your intimate relationship

- Companionship

- Healing together

- Learning how to communicate your needs 

- Staying connected to yourself while being with the other

- Learning how to use your imagination and creativity

- Mapping sensitivity and pain in the relationship

- Reinventing family life

- Learning how to navigate conflict

- Staying connected

- Including the body

If you have a specific topic that you would like to address or a part of you that you want to give attention and you are unsure if I can support you with that, I would love for you to contact me so we can explore this together. When we find out you need a different kind of support than what I have to offer, I am happy to connect you with someone in my network.


I intend to be inclusive. Aligned with that, I offer my support using a sliding-scale fee based on income and free choice. Right now, the sessions all take place online.

For all couple sessions, I strongly suggest to plan at least one individual session for each side of the couple. The price for an individual session is $80 - $140.

For the first couple session (2 hours), I ask for a contribution on a scale from $180 - $260.​

For follow-up sessions (1,5 hours), I ask for a contribution on a scale from $140 - $220.​

Please send me a message if you need support, and this is not within your financial capacity. I enjoy knowing that everyone has access to support.

Longterm support

While I am open to offer single sessions, my preference is to offer long-term guidance. Depending on your needs we can discuss together what would be a sequence that works for both of us. For example weekly or bi-weekly for a period of 3 months to a year. This longterm contact in my experience will support you to dive deeper and integrate the work both personally and together. You can contact me for more information and if you want to explore whether you want to walk this path with me. We can then plan a first session together.

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